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So here is the most awaited offer: FREE SHIPPING! get free shipping on all purchases above Rs 99/-

Do not miss out on our best sellers during this offer! Here are the some of the must buys-

  1. Lapel Pins

You definitely cannot miss out our high quality finely detailed lapel pins which are at an really affordable price! Too many designs to select from:

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  1. Headbands

Headbands at Rs 150 each! SAY WHAT!? Some cute print headbands which are made with best quality elastic that won’t hurt you when you where them.

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  1. Necklaces: Arrow Charm Necklace, Dreamcatcher Necklaces, Zodiac Sign Necklace, etc.

Get your hands on our necklaces which are uniquely priced and are handcrafted with love specially for you all!

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  1. Quartz Necklaces

Quartz necklaces are available in artificial and natural stone with variety of colours at extremely reasonable prices!

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  1. Notepads

EACH NOTEPAD AT JUST RS 199/- with some amazing tumblr prints!

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  1. Badges

A variety of badges at just Rs 50 each!

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  1. Earrings: Dreamcatcher Earrings

High quality and comfortable to wear with a beautiful design which indicate good vibes.

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These are all our best sellers! Find more stuff on

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